Personalised Docking Station with Baby Scan

Wooden Charging and Docking Station organiser/for iPhone and Android Phones

A perfect solution for charging your iPhone or Android Phones whilst keeping your desk/work area or bedside table free from clutter & organised with integrated multi-use hanging slots for a range of items such as your keys, jewellery, glasses etc.

It also has a slot on the back to hold your wallet or purse.

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Made from: made from PEFC Certified Wood (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) 

Dimensions: the overall dimensions of the stand once made are 19cm x 19.5cm, (height for phone space is 16 cm)

Suitable for: all iPhones, Samsung and all other Android models even the largest of phones.

Your Personalised details will be professionally printed on the wood, on the front of your phone stand.

We will send your phone stand out in two sections which simply slot together.


● The better quality the photo provided to us, the better the results in printing will be on the item.
● We would advise that a photo with 300 dpi and taken in good lighting will give you the best print results.
● Lower quality photos can be used, but please know that the print quality will be the same on the item.
● Extremely dark, blurry, grainy or low-quality photos do not typically print as well.
● We recommend if you are in doubt to print your original photo from your home printer to get an idea of how the colours (these may vary slightly) & quality will look on the item.

We will design your phone stand putting any photo/text where it best suits the chosen design, any photo/text will appear where it is shown in this listing. We will not be editing your photos (we will resize them to fit the space available so please take this into consideration where the text may go over certain parts of photos.